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     We used their carpet cleaning services after receiving a discounted rate. They cleaned all the carpeting in our house and it is absolutely pristine. We will always use TeddingtonCarpetCleaners from now on.
K. Suttons28/06/2017
     Only TeddingtonCarpetCleaning can get my oven as clean as I need it to be. I have tried to clean my oven myself but I have never been satisfied with the results. There will always be that bit of dirt I can't get to, or a stain that won't budge. Their cleaners though have the knowledge, the skill and the equipment to do this, so within a few hours of them arriving at my address, my oven is sparkling. They can handle any cleaning problem and will do it one hundred percent. They are the best cleaning firm in the area, bar none.
Shelia Jonas31/07/2015
     A couple of weeks ago my husband came home and announced that he was bringing his boss round for dinner the next night. I looked around at the state of our ‘lived-in' home and realised we needed some help to make it look presentable. So I picked up the phone and called TeddingtonCarpetCleaners, who sent in a team of their skilled cleaners early the next morning. They worked diligently and got the place sparkling well before our guests arrived!

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